I don’t want to read my Bible

It’s like pulling teeth to get myself to pray, read or spend time with Jesus. It’s so much easier after a long stressful day to come home, zone out, binge watch tv and eat till I blackout.

If you have felt this or currently feel this I have some news for you. This is exactly where satan wants you. He doesn’t want you to be hungry or desire God.

The devil knows, if you get hungry, his time is up.

Adam and Eve walked intimately with the Lord before they ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They believed the lies of the enemy. Which led to them taking action. They ate and fell into sin, letting in death and shame.

Satan‘s tricks are always the same.

His lies are intended to make us question Gods word, thus His character, and question our identity and value.

The devil does this in the garden by saying, “God knows you’ll be like Him if you eat of the tree.”

GUYS! Satan is the ultimate gaslighter. WE WERE ALREADY MADE IN GODS IMAGE!

The questions satan asks also tricks us to believe that God is withholding something good from us. Which ultimately makes us think He’s not good!

Satan wants us to believe God is a liar and does not keep His promises. (Genesis 3 read it!)

Satan did this with Jesus too; “if you’re really the Son of man...” (Matthew 4 read it!) Satan even twists what God said (scripture) and when that doesn’t work, he bribed Jesus.

Ok so it’s safe to say that the enemy uses the exact same tactics on us today. His tricks aren’t new.

If you’re not hungry for God, the thing satan absolutely does not want you to do is to pray and ask Holy Spirit to make you hungry for Him.

This is the key.