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IDENTITY. Without it, we become aimless wanderers in a world that tries to force an identity upon us. This conversation started between friends who wanted to see freedom come to life within God's children.

It all started with a conversation.


Sarah and Kissy, founders of Worthy Movement, desired to see people break free from the stigma of struggling with sin. Having both worked in church ministry, they wanted to broach topics that aren't always discussed in a normal church setting.


If we don't understand God's love and grace for us, then how can we truly walk in the freedom that comes from His love and grace?


How can we walk worthy if we don't truly understand that it is in Christ alone that makes us worthy?


The conversation then led to prayer, and after much seeking and envisioning what this movement could be, Worthy Movement was born.

Great steps of faith were taken when Worthy had it's first conference in 2018. With no idea what the future of the ministry would look like, Sarah and Kissy were blown away by many embracing the vision of the movement.


After hosting four different conferences over the first 2 years, Worthy Movement became a Non-Profit. 

The Movement has only just begun.




I grew up in the church and gave my life to Christ in middle school.


Having served the body of Christ in various leadership roles of ministry, I found my calling in leading worship to different churches across the Bay Area.

I have a deep desire to see the unity of the Bride of Christ as well as seeing all people set free from the lies the world tells them.


Currently, I work as a self-employed photographer, graphic designer and artist. 

My happy place is spending time with my family and friends and creating beautiful things.

Favorite verses:

Psalm 18 and 27


Sarah Moon

Born and raised in the Bay Area, I didn’t grow up in the church. I grew up in a good home with the knowledge of God. It wasn’t until my Junior year in High School Jesus became my Lord and Savior. 

My life changed because of Christ's love for me. I started serving in the church and was called to Youth Ministry for many years as well as other ministries.


My passion and calling is for generations, young and old, to know their true identity and worth in Christ. I love God’s Word and my hope is to share that love to others. 


I have my BA in Biblical Studies, and I am pursuing my dreams by launching my art business. 


I find joy in the simple things. I love a good quality cup of coffee, drawing flowers, and spending time with the ones I love. 

Life verses: Isaiah 40:31 & Isaiah 43:18-19

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