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People of all ages coming to know who God has truly created them to be through understanding Christ’s love for them and for the world.


WORTHY exists to bring freedom from the world’s pressures to all people of all ages through resources, conferences, devotions, and Biblical Truth. 

Directing people to encounter Jesus to receive the freedom from addictions, shame, sexual insecurities, depression, abuse, self-harm, and spiritual lows. 


Our goal is to reach as many as we can to share that they are worth more, loved, and desired by the Creator God.


Worthy Movement desires to create an atmosphere of freedom through Christ's love in Spirit and in Biblical Truth. Through conferences, events, devotionals, and social media, Worthy Movement shares on topics that are difficult to deal with but need to be discussed. 


No matter your age or interests, this ministry is for all to gather together and be unified through one goal: to experience and share the Love of God.


Worthy Movement desires to create an environment where shame and judgement have no place; where guilt does not override grace and where struggles and trials can be shared with one another.

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