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Updated: Aug 11, 2023

A government official who most likely had everything he ever needed could not do the one thing he needed the most - heal his sick and dying son.

This man was desperate. Desolate. Hopeless. Out of options and most definitely out of time.

He had to act soon.

Hearing of a man who turned water into wine and who had been going about healing the lame and the sick, this worried father left his dying son in search of a miracle.

He had to find something greater than the normal. SomeONE greater.

Jesus was his last and only hope.

Not knowing if his son was still alive or whether he had died during the long journey - the desperate father had only one thing in mind. Get Jesus to his son as quickly as possible.

After finding Jesus, the man pleads to Jesus to travel with him to heal his son before he dies.

Jesus’ words, “Go back home now. I promise you, your son will live.”

This man was out of options, out of time, and probably out of his realm in reaching out for help. But his first response to Jesus’ words?

He believed.

That his son was healed. That when Jesus spoke, he could trust in what he said. He believed that His promise was true.

He believed and he put that belief into action when he journeyed back to his son.

As he was a short distance away, his servants came running out telling him his son was healed and right away, he asked for the time when his son became well and it was the exact moment Jesus spoke the words that his son was healed.

What joy and relief he must have experienced in that moment.

Not only was his son healed, but he was able to see the fulfillment that Jesus’ promises are true.

This father believed. And he put that belief into action.

Do you believe?

~ Kissy Black

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