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Updated: Aug 12, 2023


A woman chosen to carry the literal fate of the world. Her only question was how it would work.

What faith she must have had in God. A complete trust.

She knew Jesus’s power and she knew His authority. She knew He was the one to go to when the wedding feast ran out of wine. She told the servants to do whatever Jesus tells them.

Later she would watch as her son was brutally beaten nearly to death.

She knew His destiny was to save His people from their sins.

It was everything in her, to both let go and stay with Him as long as she could.

How torn she must have felt.

But He knew.

During His own crucifixion, just before His death, he looks out to see John the disciple he loves with His mom. He must have seen the grief in her eyes. He tells her, “Mother, look- John will be a son to you.”And then He said, “John, look—she will be a mother to you!” From that day on, John accepted Mary into his home as one of his own family. (John‬ ‭19:27‬)

Even in Jesus’ utmost suffering, He thinks of her.

Of them both. Of their loss, of their grief. He sees from their perspective, even during His own turmoil.

This is love

~ Amanda Santistevan

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