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It is like a scene from a movie. We are walking around on a summer day contemplating life’s stuff and we see a butterfly. We are tempted to chase after it, because it might be an angel that will lead us to some grand answer we are searching for. #girlsame. But then we laugh at ourselves thinking about what a ridiculous assumption that would be. We actually don’t follow it. While it is likely that the butterfly is just flying around doing what butterflies do and doesn’t have some significant representation of the paradise that is to come, I encourage you to follow the butterfly.

What an adventure is such the childlike state to chase after bubbles and butterflies. Imagine your life looking as free as that young innocent child if we just ran after the butterfly. How ironic. We live our adult lives with stricter and stricter rules, when as a child all we could dream of was to be able to make the rules for a change. But instead we follow more rules that society has set up for us. Why? Is it because we are afraid? Is it because we have no choice? Is it because we like the rules? I think it has to do with the lies in all three. We are afraid, thinking we have no choice convincing us to believe we actually like the rules. Granted we need laws so people don’t kill each other. I’m not talking about those rules. I’m talking about the ones that say don’t follow the butterfly. The ones that say you can’t go to the movies alone. The ones that say you can’t build a sand castle if you are above the age of 12. The ones that tell 22-year-old single women that they are losing time. Men have to be strong at all times. She is too old to wear those jeans. She can’t text first. He needs to play sports. Four hashtags is too many. Hilary Duff was so 2004. You cant just swing in a hammock anywhere you want. And so on. #lies #getbehindmesatan

These rules prohibit us from finding and learning about our true selves. This actually inhibits the imago dei (Image of God) from flourishing. We were created to flourish in child-likeness. Have you ever watched the process of a caterpillar to a butterfly? How cliché! I know. You’re probably thinking, “I bet this chick has a butterfly tattooed on her back.” And I would roll my eyes, scoff and say…yes. But actually think about it. It goes from this tiny little crawling creature to this beautiful flying piece of art. While the analogies are endless my point is God created that. He has put in so much thought and fun into our world. If we are to be the bearers of God’s image, the

n we have been created to enjoy and do “fun.” Living according to these walls, boundaries and structures that society has built for us does not facilitate a life of freedom that the imago dei has called us to. I urge you to ask yourself what are the boundaries you are living by and have they been set up by God or by society, or by your own insecurities? Thinking and living more freely, what would it look like? We might be led into some magnificent answer that solves all our problems. Or we might find ourselves chasing away aimlessly, then begin laughing at the ridiculousness of our actions. Laugh at yourself. Find a spot to breath in fun and adventure, breathing out control and standards. What could happen if we actually followed the butterfly? #followthebutterfly

- Hannah Turner

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