I had an interesting dream the other day.

My family and I were asleep in our beds. I felt something drift across my shoulder but I thought nothing of it for surely I was safe in my own bed.

When I awoke, my family was standing around in shock as my dad proclaimed "We've been robbed!" We looked around and sure enough, they had stripped our house clean. They raided our junk as well as my old art projects and materials (I was especially mad about the art materials.).

They took everything.

We looked outside and there was a giant trash bin filled with all of our things, especially my unused canvases. "The thief is coming back to finish the job!"

We all agreed that instead of going to sleep, we would pretend to go to bed and stay vigilant to catch the thief in the act.

Sure enough, the brazen thief drove up to our house in a rinky dinky little car intending to finish the job. When they saw us running outside to stop them, they tried to drive their car away. My sister ran fast after them and the car swerved into a neighbor's yard. Then the thief stepped out.

We came face to face with a nondescript woman with plain clothes and plain hair. She stood and stared smugly at us.

I remember my heart was pounding during this dream. As I was still dreaming, I then interpreted the dream.

The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy. If we allow sin to enter our house, it will steal our creativity and our ability to be used by God. The enemy is the true thief and we must be vigilant at all times, never letting our guard down or being caught asleep.

After waking up, I began to chew on this dream a bit more.

What are we allowing into our households to slip by unnoticed.

As we let these things past our doorsteps, we become numb to them as they take residence within our hearts.

In my dream, I felt something drift across my shoulders but I didn't think twice about it.

Day by day, we begin to allow things entrance into our hearts that don't belong there. Satan plants flags of ownership over pieces of our hearts through "little" nothings.

Over time, we don't even realize the piles of junk taking space, stacked floor to ceiling.