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People of all ages coming to know who God has truly created them to be by understanding Christ's love in them and for the world.
In a world where everything is within hand's reach yet nothing satisfies, WORTHY was created to spread the message that we are worth something. It's not in our career, our athletics, our single-hood, or is in who we were created to be.
God, the Creator of all, came down and humbled Himself to show just how much He loves us. 
And because of His love for us - we are found worthy.
When the world points at us and tells us we are worthless, we are found worthy to be in His presence; to rise up and call ourselves loved when we feel alone; to call ourselves beautiful when we feel ugly; and to call ourselves worthy when we feel worthless. 
Jesus Christ is the One who can fill the void that we try to replace with addiction, pain, self-loathing, and sex. But God has something far greater in store for you. Find healing from the brokenness, find freedom from the chains and find beauty in the ashes. This platform is a safe place to not feel shamed in our sin but create breakthrough and healing from our sin.
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Fog and Nature
WORTHY exists to bring freedom from the world’s pressures to ALL people of ALL ages through resources, conferences, devotions, and Biblical Truth.
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