Hope was revealed to an unlikely man.

A man who had a choice to either trust in the Lord or make his own path when everything he planned for his future would not go according to his plan.

This man is Mary’s husband. This man is Joseph.

Why Joseph?

He was a carpenter. He was a man who had good character. When he found out Mary, his betrothed, was with child, he had to make a choice.

Everything he thought his future would be had completely changed.

His reputation, Mary’s reputation, his future of having a family. Everything he planned for had unraveled before his very eyes.

Joseph, being a man of honor, chose to quietly divorce a pregnant Mary, unwilling to put her to shame. (Matthew 1:19)

However, God intervened.

Joseph's story didn’t end with his decision of divorce. For when an angel of the Lord revealed to him that the Messiah was coming, everything changed.

Joseph trusted the Lord's promise that the child Mary was carrying was the Messiah they had awaited for.

Joseph had faith.

Joseph chose Mary.

Joseph chose to believe and trust in His Lord.

Even though Joseph’s role may not seem significant, we see a man’s character. A man of honor and faithfulness.

Joseph didn’t need a grand title or a platform to be used by God.

Joseph had faith in the future hope of God’s promise and he obeyed that calling.

Our hope is not in our circumstances.