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Updated: Aug 12, 2023

The story of Mary is one that can never be minimized.

Mary, a virgin specifically chosen by God is called to mother the Savior of the world.

Filled with great expectation amidst the adversity, Mary did not yield to her fears.

She sacrificed herself so that the Greatest could sacrifice it all. She had conceived the Hope of the world.

Hope was living and growing inside of her.

Mary’s servant heart remained humble and kind and full of praise. She was vulnerable, yet committed and so very willing to receive everything that the Father wanted to give to her. She knew that the promises of God would never be empty, and that all things were possible with God.

When Mary gave birth to Jesus, hope was born. The faithfulness of God’s promise was here.

Mary could look into the eyes of heaven, and know what it was like to love and to be loved.

She was the first to love the Great I Am here on earth. For it was He, that would be the light that defined her life forever.

Hope has pierced the darkness and the light of Immanuel cannot ever be diminished.

Hope is strength.

Hope is alive.

Hope is yours.

~ Stefanie Rodriguez

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