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Updated: Aug 11, 2023

It's been only a couple days and Saturday is still on the mind. Seeing the love, the healing and the movement take place in the forms of so many beautiful women was AMAZING.

It's so overwhelming at how many women stood up, joined together and marched forward with this movement on their hearts.

When thinking about everyone who served and helped out in some way, this picture came to mind:

Women jump out of a plane with parachutes. It's crazy and thrilling all at once. As they each jump out of the plane, they find a hand to hold and, in so doing, are able to form a design in the sky. If one person didn't clasp another's hand, the design would break and look like chaos, but because they each had a part in the placement of the design, they were able to accomplish such a breathtaking feat. It wasn't easy, but they were able to look back on it in satisfaction because they did what was purposed in their hearts.


Every. Single. Woman. who was a part of this movement, whether in prayer, sharing, or serving, all formed a beautiful design only God was able to see from the get-go. This was TRUE UNITY.

We were able to break down barriers of carrying something too shameful to share openly by participating in "Stand Up For Your Sister." Everyone was overwhelmed with how many stood in answer to the questions allowing them to see that they were not alone in their struggles and addictions and past mistakes.

Hannah's message on being the "Beloved" painted such a beautiful picture of the parallel in "How We See Ourselves."

“Maybe you and I can figure out why God would ask me, a sinner, to speak to you, a sinner, about my various sinful experiences.”

After sharing about Jesus' baptism and the temptations faced in the desert, she painted a picture of how we can never EARN love, it is given because "...He first loved us."

“Maybe now you and I have figured out why God would ask me, the beloved, to speak to you, the beloved, about my various beloved experiences.”

Next was the panel sharing and the breakout sessions where many were able to see the women's heart in such a transparent and vulnerable way in sharing their HURTS, HEALING, AND HOPE.

Amanda shared such a sweet message sharing the vision of dancing with the Father and His love towards her in "How God Sees Us." She shared on how God wants to reveal Himself - the real Him, not the lies we believe about Him by telling 4 stories:

1. The Adulterous Woman

2. Zacchaeus the Tax Collector

3. The Woman at the Well

4. Amanda's Story

"Repentance means seeing the ugliness of your sin, the reality of your sin, and not wanting it. Going one direction and completely turning around and going in the other direction. Jesus righteousness shines a light in every dark crevice so we can see the reality of sin."

We were able to reflect with worship to our Savior and place our old identities at the altar and get new ones HOW GOD SEES US.

Thank you for participating through attending, prayer, and encouragement. It could not have been accomplished without the work of the Holy Spirit through you. This movement did not end on 8/18/18...


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1 Comment

Debra A. Black
Debra A. Black
Aug 27, 2018

“When the LORD DOES A THING, it seems like WONDERful!” This movement sounds like really “more than A Help to admit to Need” for hurting, damaged, and broken-hearted women; But also a Place to lay burdens and tell the truth. Prayers have gone from my hearts’ awareness and tears for the plight of God’s female darlings all over the world! The prayers of the righteous avail much! We need to be healed: and this Is a Blessing from you obedient woman of God team —~> over a cup of coffee and sincere heart. Thanks for listening, being willing, and obedient. I pray for Us to realize we are Worthy! Because we are Loved!

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