"...let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for HE Who promised is faithful." Hebrews 10:23

Learning to trust in the promises of God...

...in the midst of circumstances/situations...

...as to what we've just endured through...

...sometimes seems "anything but promising"!

God often gives us a promise to instill a great hope (or expectancy) and it's a word that gives us HOPE - when all other things look hopeless.

His Word stirs within us a magnificent expectancy and anticipation - and we just can't wait!

But - that's where the end-all...begins!

WAITING...waiting for it to come to pass; to realize the fulfillment of the truth of that promise we hope for.

We WAIT - wait and keep on waiting (as we remember others in the Bible who also had to wait...Abraham and Sarah, Noah, Joseph, the Beggar at Bethesda) for the reality of that promise we've heard that's for us!

In observation in my own life, I've come to find that - the older I get - the "waiting game" (or process) takes longer and longer and is harder and harder to keep holding on to God's Word.

But - His Word never changed...and nor has HE changed!

We see the Creator of the heavens and the earth; the One who's found and fashioned each of us; the One Who "speaks it"...and it is; HE Who instantaneously brings results in miraculous ways and causes us...to wait.

To wait on HIS timing...

Trust in HIS timing...

And believe to receive HIS promise(s) has never been easy.

But, we are called to wait (as Heb. 10:23 says.)