Sitting in the Worthy Movement conference at Hillside Church in Hollister, I

was deeply moved by an auditorium full of women, with all living generations

present; newborn to great-grandmothers.  We opened up topics that have

been taboo for so long.  It struck me how each generation deals with the same

issues.  Though the weapons fashioned against us change with the culture, the

results are the same.  It’s humbling, disarming and shocking to see the hoops

we women jump through to meet someone’s subjective idea of success and

beauty or to gain approval… or worse, to simply survive and protect our


The level of harassment and abuse women suffer due to a perceived sense of

worthlessness affects more women than it doesn’t.  Rare is she who never

brushes up against this thorny bush.  However it is we arrive at that place of

perceived worthlessness, it always leads us to a feeling of isolation, a place of

aloneness, even in a room full of people.  Once we internalize the aloneness it

takes a great amount of intention to work against it, to rebuild the bridges to

fellowship.  Shame takes hold and we see ourselves through it’s deceptive lens.

I know I am not alone in truly wanting to see my sisters [and myself]

continually released from the grip of these lies.  The good news is, once we

recognize that it is the enemy at work, using these weapons against us and

against our children, we can through the power of Christ in us, move against it

and destroy those strongholds.

There is immense value in acknowledging our shared struggles and

acknowledging the epidemic levels of abuse, learned helplessness, self-harm,

et al running rampant in the lives of women. This is step one.  Now where do we go from here?  A seasoned mentor or counselor is very valuable right now. 

If God has given you the revelation that there is a way out of the crazy cycle, God has also placed people in your life people to help you move forward.  Pray.  Stop-Look-Listen.  Pray.  Reach out to that person.  Know this and take comfort:  The Holy Spirit goes before you and the Holy Spirit goes with you.

The Holy Spirit is the one true Witness to what you have endured. 

The Holy Spirit is the one true Witness to what you have endured.  The Holy

Spirit will help you separate the soul from the spirit, the truth from the lies. 

Let the Holy Spirit be your counselor.  First and foremost, pray through the

Word of God, let it minister to you every day, and then add to that the wisdom

and perspective of mature Christian women in your life. Read God’s word

when you pray and to pray when you read God’s word.