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Updated: Aug 11, 2023

  1. You swear you’ve already forgiven them but bitterness laces your heart. How do you know? You hear their name and feel you want to roll your eyes. You see their posts and purposely do not “like” them. You don’t pray for them. You talk about them.

  2. You’re jealous. Everyone else but you mentality. You can’t understand why good things happen for shady people but not for you.

  3. You get easily angered. Or for you really prideful people, you’re frequently irritated.

  4. You can’t admit wrongdoing. You can’t even see that you did anything wrong at all. You were entirely right.

  5. You think your poop don’t stink. You measure sin. You think what others have done is way worse than what you have done. You forget that Jesus has forgiven your life's worth of sin. Jesus says if it’s in your heart or mind you’ve already done it. You may never have acted on it but you’ve daydreamed it. Jesus says it’s the same thing.

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