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A few days ago, as I was praying, I saw words within my spirit….FLASH FLOOD!

They took me back in my memory to a trip to Nevada my husband and I had taken several years ago. One of our destinations while there was to visit an old mining town.

Rather than going on the main roads, the GPS directed us onto a dirt road that passed through several miles of gully-like terrain.

Throughout the area, there were signs posted: DANGER! FLASH FLOODS!

At the time, I thought they must have a lot of storms there in the winter.

It was only later we learned that flash floods can come at any time.

There doesn’t have to be a cloud in the sky for them to happen. Storms can originate from somewhere miles away, causing accumulating water to come crashing from seemingly out of nowhere, flooding into areas of parched soil that can’t absorb the onslaught.

In an instant, tranquility can be replaced with terror.

The above leads me to think about how the words FLASH FLOOD have a spiritual place in this unprecedented year of 2020. We have experienced a flash flood in a virus that originated thousands of miles away, crashing upon us , threatening to drown us in fear, panic, anxiety and discouragement.

In the beginning of the year, there was no sign of what was to come…no thunder clouds on our horizon, to signal that everything we had come to know as normal was in peril.

We had no idea that every foundation we stand on…our homes…our work…our day to day lives...and, above all, our faith, were about to be shaken to their core.

I see that gully again, and I imagine the flood waters raging in…evil bent on destruction.

But, on the other side of the gully, I hear another flood coming. Its approach calls me to remember Isaiah 59: 19… “So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun; when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against him.”

Above the tumultuous waters, I see the standard being raised, as the LORD proclaims in Isaiah 41:10…“Fear not, for I Am with you; Be not dismayed, for I Am your God. I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you. I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”

Peace overflows my heart as I see the sign posted, SAFETY! LIVING WATERS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!

There is no terror, only trust, as I rest in the realization that these flood waters will never bring me to destruction, but rather carry me right into the Arms of my loving Savior, that place of perfect Peace, for each of us…during a virus, and throughout every moment of our lives.

~ Leta Pereira

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