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Updated: Aug 12, 2023

With all of the twists and turns of this particular season one thing is for sure; It’s an opportunity for a fresh start.

Life as we knew it won’t ever look the same.

We are allowed to grieve about that. We are also allowed to get hopeful, no matter the circumstances.

Here’s what we know about God. For those that believe in Jesus... more specifically for those that trust Him entirely with their lives and live for Him. He makes a lot of promises. He promises to provide for us (Matthew 6:25-34), He promises to give us His supernatural peace (John 14:27), He promises to be there for us and strengthen us (Isaiah 41:10), He promises to give us wisdom (James 1:5), and if you search the Bible you will find its littered with promises!

If God is for you, and He is, then who can be against you?

That said, I believe this next season will have it’s fair share of challenges. BUT we have so many promises from Jesus. We can trust Him to show up in the middle of the storm and help us. So we can have hope! Because of Jesus, we can not be destroyed. We can have hope because justice will come. What is done in the dark will be brought to light. We can have hope because He will never abandon us. We can hope for the future because He is with us. We have a lot of power to change the narrative.

With all the concerns of the world right now how much do you really believe in the power of prayer? I heard someone say once that if you really believe in prayer, you’ll do it. Ask yourself, are you praying? Are you holding every worry and concern passing through your head captive and releasing it to Jesus? Are you talking to Him? Is it a one sided conversation? Are you listening to what He has to say?

You have an amazing opportunity right now. The God who created the universe, wants to grow closer you. He wants to show you how He uniquely, loves and created you.

There is a lot of content out there to be consumed. A LOT. You become what you consume. With all that is out there, how much of Jesus are you taking in? What are you giving the majority of your attention to? If it’s Jesus, you will have peace in these uncertain times. You will have joy in suffering. You will be loving to the unlovable.

If God is consuming your time, mind and heart then it’s going to show in your words, actions, and life.

Now is the time. You’re never too far behind or too far away to be where He is. Call to Him and He will come and help you.

Now is the opportunity for a fresh start.

Jeremiah 33:3, Psalm 91:15

~ Amanda Santistevan

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