Have you heard you’re the sum of your top 5 friends?

If that’s true, and it seems to be, how does it make you feel?

Are you proud of the people you’ve surrounded yourself with?

Or do you feel irritated by your friends?

I always like to say we are like tofu and we take on the flavor of whatever we are cooked in.

In other words, we are easily influenced. Especially by people we keep close and value the opinions of.

Here’s something I’ve learned after a few decades of friends coming and going through my life; choose people that are teachable.

I desire to be teachable, so I keep people in my inner circle that are. Are they perfect? Nawwww, but they are humble and desire to grow in intimacy with Christ, allowing Him to transform their hearts.

I encourage you to be a fruit inspector.

There are many reasons you may want that person to be your BFF. Maybe they’re funny. Or they’re super nice. Perhaps they’re extremely talented and they like what you like.

Whatever the case may be, do you see fruit in their lives?

There are nine fruits listed in Galatians 5. I want to examine these characteristics for a second. This verse might be one we are all too familiar with and I want some fresh perspective.

Is your friend well disciplined?

Do they say things like, “I want to eat healthy” and you see them follow through?

Do they have compassion and empathy?

Are their words soft and kind yet sharpening to you?

Do they have hope, even in the circumstances that seem to be hopeless?

Do they trust that God will in fact answer that prayer?

Are they honorable?

Do they show honor to people who “don’t deserve it”?

Are they pure of heart?

Do they think well of others?