“Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden? Then come to Me. I will refresh

your life, for I am your oasis.” Matthew 11:28

As I write this, I see many battle-weary warriors.

I see many who have been contending for a breakthrough, who have been crying out for healing in their bodies, their marriages, their nation, for their children to return to Christ, to see the lost saved.

I see many who are struggling with hope deferred, who are beginning to doubt that their long awaited promise from the Father will ever be fulfilled.

I see many question marks and much confusion trying to take root in these ones.

I see a dark night and ragged clothes, it’s a picture of almost being defeated by an evil enemy and feeling as if all is about to be lost...

But then, out of the darkness I hear, “I am shifting the season.”

Suddenly, just as it would happen in theater, there is a SWIFT scene change. The night turns to day, then what looked like a muddy field turns into a brilliant, flourishing meadow. I see a costume change, where the warriors were wearing rags, are now dressed in bright golden armor; their weapons that were heavy and dirty are now light and clean.

I can tell there is expectancy for what is to come in the next scene, and anticipation of good.

HOPE is on the horizon...

I have been hearing the Lord tell me recently, “The shifting of the season is upon us.”

I feel this is a fresh promise to hold on to.

God's heart is for His children to experience every promise He has given them.

I have been in a battle weary season recently, barely keeping my head above water. Not knowing when, how, or if I’ll ever be free of the hardship I’m going through.

Yet, as our Heavenly Father so faithfully does, right when I felt at my end, He spoke a new promise. The promise isn’t just for me, but for many.