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It began 2 years ago when Sarah and I started meeting over coffee. We shared our life's struggles and hardships. We prayed for each other and encouraged one another. And we found ourselves talking about worth.

What is our worth? What is our identity when what we identify with has crumbled to pieces?

How can we come before the Lord free of all the sin we deal with unless we truly understand God’s LOVE for us and that His love makes us WORTHY?

So we started praying.

We prayed for women whose identity is in their social/marital status. Women fighting with the thought that they could never be clean because their guilt and shame stains them. Women in the throes of habitual sin and can't fight it. Women who are stuck in a pit and can't find their way out. Women who label themselves because of their past. Women with a facade that their life is perfect but they are dying inside.

We prayed for a full year asking what God would want us to do.

And God answered.

Our heart for Worthy is that women of all ages come. We need the past generation, this generation, and the next generation to come together because we need EACH OTHER. We want to to present the love of Jesus Christ to generations of women who NEED to know or be reminded that JESUS SEES THEM AS WORTHY. He sees them as loved and we are to love them as well.

Do you struggle with pornography? YOU ARE LOVED.

Do you deal with spiritual pride? YOU ARE LOVED.

Do you continually bring to mind every past mistake? YOU ARE LOVED.

Do you see yourself as not enough? YOU ARE LOVED.

God's love does not change towards you. YOU ARE HIS CHILD. And THAT is the message we want to share! When you are fully able to understand the HEIGHT AND WIDTH AND DEPTH OF HIS LOVE, you will be able to identify yourself as WORTHY. Because Christ's blood has covered you and made you worthy.

Worthy Movement was inspired by God to draw His daughters closer and ignite them with a passion for His name! Our goal and aim is to point people to Jesus! Because HE IS HOPE! HE IS LOVE!

And what started as a simple coffee meetup turned into a MOVEMENT.

- Kissy Black

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