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I hit my breaking point last week. I was overwhelmed and suddenly filled with anxiety that left me in a puddle of uncontrollable tears. There was no strength left in me to even speak one more prayer. Shelter-in-place had taken its toll on me and I was undone.

For three days, I roamed my mental wilderness.

I prayed, strayed and cried some more. This battle wasn’t like anything I had been through before. What I knew in my heart didn’t match what was happening in my mind. I felt defeated! So by Tuesday, I knew I had to make the choice to walk out of the door of what I already knew and walk into a place where I fully surrendered. I needed to just listen.

Friends, it’s time to prepare.

I am coming out of this changed. I am going to come back ready.

And you will too.

We may be missing what the world was doing and waiting for it to go back to normal. But I wonder if we are spending too much time waiting on the world and missing what Holy Spirit is doing? Could we be missing what God is saying?

You know, we can’t always fully prepare for unforeseen circumstances but we can prepare our hearts and minds. Our minds are every part of us. Keeping our eyes and hope fixed on Jesus and knowing the truth of the Word will continually transform us. We must take action and eliminate the obstacles and distractions that hold us back from following Jesus.

In these hard moments, let’s remember who we were before Jesus. And after Jesus.

Let’s remember the JOY of our salvation! Because what’s coming is better than what’s gone. We need to want the more! Invite Jesus to come stand in the middle of your wilderness. God’s path takes us through the battles to be transformed. He is with us and gives us the strength in everything.

But we must do our part. We need to be alert and ready at all times. When this shelter in place is lifted, it is us who will need to keep our lamps burning!

Are you ready and willing to live this life in confident expectation?

“So then, prepare your hearts and minds for action. Stay alert and fix your hope firmly on the marvelous grace that is coming to you. For when Jesus Christ is unveiled, a greater measure of grace will be released to you.” - 1 Peter 1:13

“Be prepared for action at a moments notice. Be like the servants who anticipate their mater’s return from a wedding celebration. They are ready to unlock and open the door for him at a moments notice. What great joy is ahead for the awakened ones who are waiting for the Master’s return!” - Luke 12:35-37

“So keep being alert and ready at all times.” - Luke 12:40

~ Stefanie Rodriguez

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