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Updated: Aug 12, 2023

BARABBAS: Undeserved Love

A zealot. Angry and full of hatred.

A rebel leader who craved violence.

A radical who spat in the face of authority and meted out his own justice.

A murderer known for his notorious misconduct.

A worthless man stripped to nothing as he sat in chains awaiting his death sentence.

Barabbas was known for the raging fire in his veins but in this moment, the only emotions most likely present were fear and trepidation.

He could hear his name amongst the crowds from his prison. Surely they were crying for his blood - for his execution.

Surely this was the moment he would pay for his wretched deeds.

The crowd's voices grow louder. Their hatred spewed out with every shout.

Surely it was time to die.

Barabbas is taken to the front where Pilate stands next to Jesus in chains.

Awaiting the words that will move forward his execution, Barabbas lowers his head.

Until he hears the heart-stopping words: Give us Barabbas! And is freed from his chains.

Shock and confusion fill Barabbas’ mind. Weren’t these people who cry for his release the same who followed Jesus?

The very people who cried out Hosanna upon Jesus’ arrival are the same who cry out for His blood.

They exchange the King

for a worthless rebel.

This unworthy man is released from death to freedom.

He sees Jesus step in his place as condemned. He sees Jesus take the beating that was meant for him.

An innocent was handed over in place of the guilty that day.

A man who deserved death was given life.

His very blood the cost for his sins paid in full by every drop of Jesus’ blood spilt on the cross.

It was love that stepped in Barabbas’ place that day. It was love that bore every beating, every mockery. It was love that gave him freedom from death.

It was the love of a Savior wanting to be closer to His people, tearing the veil so that they could personally fellowship with Him.

We are Barabbas.

We deserve death.

But Christ stepped in to take that final punishment, not out of duty but motivated by love.

In order for our sins to be healed, He had to be broken. In order for us to live eternally, He had to die.

Love stepped in our place.

Love freed us from sin.

Love gave us life.

This is love.

~ Kissy Black

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1 commentaire

Cynthia Reynaud
Cynthia Reynaud
31 mars 2021

That is the amazing Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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