I sat and pondered, for days, the question, “what is sexuality?”

I would sit, on my cozy couch, with my head back, thinking, pondering, and asking the Lord, “what is Your heart on sexuality?”

The Western World has made sexuality a center of their culture.

You see it displayed on billboards, in magazines, on commercials and on television.

The most innocent eyes are not protected from it as it has crept into cartoons, toys and children’s books.

In the Eastern World, in some cultures, they violently want to cover it up, deny it, dismiss the pleasure of it. Some cultures going to the extreme of castrating their men and women because of it.


As a child I was sexually abused, molested, objectified, and used.

I was stalked by predators and I eventually became one.

Sex had become an addiction, my body the weapon.

While I was reading in Proverbs 7, I realized the Proverb was describing me.

I was a seductress.

I used my body to lure men. And when they started to exhibit feelings, I would dump them.

I used my sexuality to fulfill my lust and harm men.

All I wanted was my next fix, a relief of tension, pain and anxiety.